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About Clarke


The old phrase, “all politics is local” is commonly used; however I firmly believe that no politics should play a part in managing our local county government.  We all share the same goal of living in peace and pursuing happiness.  We may differ on how we get there however that is all dependent upon the economics at any given point in time (some call that politics – I call it meaningful collaboration in relation to supply and demand).  I am so frustrated with certain aspects of how local ordinances and resolutions have come to fruition the last few years that I am compelled to run for the County Commissioner seat of District 3.  So much so, that I agreed to be on focus groups and have invited civic leaders to speak publicly at certain events to encourage oversight and broad involvement in local government decision making.  We must focus on providing for the safety of our citizens by supporting our Sheriff’s Office, our Deputies and Correctional Officers, providing for a strong educational foundation for our children by supporting our public school system and our teachers, and taking care of those less fortunate than most by supporting our county service departments (i.e., poor and elderly, public works and economic development) and that includes supporting our county government employees.  We are very lucky to have them and in most cases they are not compensated appropriately for the services they ensure are provided.



I run unaffiliated for two very important reasons. 

  1. I am and I plan to remain, a federal government employee.  “Under the significant amendments made to the law in 1993, the Hatch Act now generally permits most federal employees to engage in a wide range of voluntary, partisan political activities on their own off-duty time and away from the federal workplace..., (5 U.S.C. § 7323(a)(3)), that is, federal employees may generally not be candidates for elective office in a partisan election. Most civilian employees in the executive branch may, however, (1) run for office in a “nonpartisan” election (that is, an election in which none of the candidates represents a political party); (2) run as an “independent” in partisan elections in certain specified, exempt communities in which a number of federal employees reside; and (3) be candidates for and hold positions in political parties and their affiliated organizations.”,(Congressional Research Service,  Hatch Act: Candidacy for Office by Federal Employees in the Executive Branch, by Jack Maskell, July 8, 2014, ).  St. Mary’s County, Maryland, is designated as an exempt community in accordance with, “5 C.F.R. §733.107 (c) The following municipalities and political subdivisions have been designated, effective on the day specified: In Maryland…, St. Mary's County (March 2, 1998).”  In addition, “5 CFR 733.103 (b) Employees who reside in a municipality or political subdivision designated by OPM under § 733.107 may: (1) Run as independent candidates for election to partisan political office in elections for local office in the municipality or political subdivision; (2) Solicit, accept, or receive a political contribution as, or on behalf of, an independent candidate for partisan political office in elections for local office in the municipality or political subdivision; (3) Accept or receive a political contribution on behalf of an individual who is a candidate for local partisan political office and who represents a political party; (4) Solicit, accept, or receive uncompensated volunteer services as an independent candidate, or on behalf of an independent candidate, for local partisan political office, in connection with the local elections of the municipality or subdivision; and (5) Solicit, accept, or receive uncompensated volunteer services on behalf of an individual who is a candidate for local partisan political office and who represents a political party. (”.  In order to take care of my family and serve the citizens in Northern St. Mary’s County; I choose to run as an unaffiliated candidate. 


  2. I do not always agree with the positions of the two main political parties and as such do not wish to be bound by any specific political ideology.  I’m a centrist and wish to use the gifts that God as bestowed on me to collaborate to solve the issues of St. Mary’s County.  There is not one way to do things, there are many.  I choose to want to work for the benefit of every citizen of this county regardless of any political leanings.  I have no larger political ambition; I wish to serve in the best way I can, in the duty as County Commissioner, if you would be so gracious to vote for me and my abilities. I respect everyone’s opinion and can empathize with everyone’s point of view.  We may not always agree, however I will do everything I can to understand where you are coming from.  I believe in diversity of thought, fiscal conservatism and social development.  And that is why I choose to run as an unaffiliated candidate. 

I will not have the opportunity to run in a Primary Election with the other major political party candidates.  However, I am always available to address any questions in relation to the ideas and plans I have proposed and/or my abilities to gather support for those initiatives. I will not lack the will to do what is right for my family, friends, neighbors and community.

On a side note, no unaffiliated candidate has ever been elected to public office in St Mary’s County.  I’m not entangled with the party politics that goes on here.  I’m a political outsider that was born and raised here.  The other candidates in this campaign will have a great sphere of influence over your daily lives.  I don’t want that; let us take back our county government.  Let’s make history.


A long time ago I listened to a great Air Force leader and mentor, who said, “Have a motto for life”.  Have a mantra to live by.  Having been raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and having learned the lessons of serving in the Air Force, where “it is not about you”.  The Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in all that we do.  My motto for life is “Love One Another”.  There is no difference between the real person that I am and the candidate asking for your trust and support.  This is not some campaign slogan, it’s my everyday motto for life.  Love One Another.  I will do everything through love and kindness, with the utmost respect for everyone.


I certainly hope that you can understand why I love this place so much.  It’s as much a part of me as I am of it.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived elsewhere and I can live and work anywhere else in the country; I choose St. Mary’s County.  I’m asking for your trust in my abilities to be an advocate for you and our way of living as your County Commissioner of District 3.  It’s my duty to serve you, I am bound to you by a natural, moral and lawful obligation to perform in this capacity to my utmost ability.  God Bless and Love One Another

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